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Celio Bordin, an established Italian artist with a global artistic journey, currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. His artwork utilizes a unique process realized with fountain pen, paint brush, acrylic/tempera paint, and gold, silver, copper leaf on canvas. The images are produced by an intricate weaving of thousands of fountain pen lines.

Celio 1 rs.jpg

In a cathartic state, Bordin connects with the energy of the surrounding environment (people, objects, locations) and the results are pieces that immerse the viewer in a visually off-kilter but emotionally vivid experience that stimulates curiosity and invites further exploration of the details that emerge from the chaos. His work includes the human themes of consciousness, memory, and emotion and offers a profound analysis of human nature. 


Celio's works have been seen at the Venice Bienalle in Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand and the United States.

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